Capitol Wilderness Sunrise

It was absolutely freezing last night.  when i woke up this morning about 40 min before dawn i realized both my cameras had power failures at some point in the night, the camera that i had shooting the tent shut off just after i turned it on.  The last photos of the night show me […]

Capitol Peak Moonset

Last night I went back out to the Capitol peak trailhead for a night of winter camping and moonset photos.  I thought i might be able to drive up there but by the time i got half way back there i realized there was no chance of that. The snow was at least waist deep […]

Star Stacking Experiments

  I have been playing around with as many different types of star stacking tutorials and options as i can find to see if i can come up with a fast, easy, and painless way to do this quickly with footage from a time-lapse.

XGames Mens Snowboard Superpipe

The 2013 X Games Mens Snowboard Superpipe was tonight. I got out there just in time to catch the finals.

Xgames Best Trick Snowmobile

Had some serious issues with my auto-focus today.  Most of these shots are out of focus. I couldn’t really get a great angle for the best trick so its not that big of a deal.

XGames Mens Skiing Superpipe

Mens skiing superpipe was pretty standard in terms of the tricks pulled off and the height of the airs out of the pipe. Simon Dumont ended up skiing the event with two broken wrists so he couldn’t hold poles.

XGames Womens Super Pipe

I had to seriously motivate myself to go out to shoot the 2013 X Games Women’s Snowboard superpipe this year.  It was cold, snowing and a thick fog was rolling in and out from the bottom of buttermilk.

XGames Calvin Harris Concert

I got the the X Games venue just in time to catch the last few songs of the Calvin Harris concert.  The crowd was totally wild bouncing up and down like a giant mosh pit.

Reprocessed Some Images

Playing around in lightroom a little today and went back to look at some of my photos from earlier this year.  

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