Hyperlapsing with instagram’s new app

Filming a hyper-lapse is slightly different from a traditional time-lapse even though they are capturing a scene in the same way by compressing time. I still have 2 spots available for my Moab time-lapse workshop on October 29- November 2.  While we are shooting time-lapses out in the desert we will be going over some […]

Utah Time-lapse Workshop

Utah from tmophoto on Vimeo. Collection of time-lapse shots from the National Parks around Moab, Utah. I will be leading an all inclusive 4 day time-lapse workshop in Moab Utah at the end of October 2014. For more info and to sign up for the workshop: muenchworkshops.com/arches-canyonlands-timelapse-photo-workshop/ You will be learning basic processing and creation […]

Meteor shower Timelapse

Meteor from tmophoto on Vimeo.

New South America Galleries

I just put up three new galleries of images from my South America Trip. I will start to put up my daily trip posts next week and will be putting up a new blog post for each day and sometimes multiple posts for days where i visited a lot of different areas. Here is a […]

My Favorite Photos April 2013

Here is a small selection of my current favorite images.  This post will be updated a few times a year after i review images from the current year and when i go back to reprocess photos from the past.  I have such a hard time choosing my “favorite” photos.  My favorite images are constantly changing […]

Photo Maps!

Have you ever wondered where i took a photo?  In the next few weeks I am producing some maps on Google that will show you a map covered in pins like this.  Some maps will cover images, some will have routes for a trip and some will have links to local tips, camp spots, and videos.

iPhone Cases Coming Soon

iPhone 4 and 5 cases will be available soon.  If you have a specific photograph that you would like as a case for your phone please comment below or contact me and I can have one custom made for you for no additional charge. 

Star Trails and Stacking

The last few weeks i have been experimenting with a few different techniques for stacking individual short exposures into a simulated long exposure photograph like i used to take back when i was shooting film. This image was put together using Lightroom, Photoshop CS6 and a starstacking program called Starstax. My general sequence for processing these […]

Startrails over the Maroon Bells Wilderness

I have been experimenting with creating star-trail images with my older night time-lapses.  By combining multiple individual images i can get results like this.

Sunrise from Buttermilk

Missed the last chair on Buttermilk so i had to skin up to the top.  This was the first time i did any kind of skin up with this elevation change and an absolute full load on my back. To put it lightly i got crushed.  a 45 min hike took me about two hours. […]