Star Trails and Stacking

The last few weeks i have been experimenting with a few different techniques for stacking individual short exposures into a simulated long exposure photograph like i used to take back when i was shooting film. This image was put together using Lightroom, Photoshop CS6 and a starstacking program called Starstax. My general sequence for processing these […]

Sunrise from Buttermilk

Missed the last chair on Buttermilk so i had to skin up to the top.  This was the first time i did any kind of skin up with this elevation change and an absolute full load on my back. To put it lightly i got crushed.  a 45 min hike took me about two hours. […]

Capitol Wilderness Sunrise

It was absolutely freezing last night.  when i woke up this morning about 40 min before dawn i realized both my cameras had power failures at some point in the night, the camera that i had shooting the tent shut off just after i turned it on.  The last photos of the night show me […]

Colorado to Utah

12.12.12 Top of Aspen Sunset

12.12.12 Late Run Down Ajax

Aspen From Smuggler Mine

Early December SuperStorm

The Bonfire

Fantasy Canyon to Colorado on Dirt

Fall Colors at Capitol Peak

Fall Colors of Kebler Pass

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