Sunrise from Buttermilk

Missed the last chair on Buttermilk so i had to skin up to the top.  This was the first time i did any kind of skin up with this elevation change and an absolute full load on my back. To put it lightly i got crushed.  a 45 min hike took me about two hours. […]

Star Stacking Experiments

  I have been playing around with as many different types of star stacking tutorials and options as i can find to see if i can come up with a fast, easy, and painless way to do this quickly with footage from a time-lapse.

XGames Mens Snowboard Superpipe

The 2013 X Games Mens Snowboard Superpipe was tonight. I got out there just in time to catch the finals.

XGames Mens Skiing Superpipe

Mens skiing superpipe was pretty standard in terms of the tricks pulled off and the height of the airs out of the pipe. Simon Dumont ended up skiing the event with two broken wrists so he couldn’t hold poles.

XGames Calvin Harris Concert

I got the the X Games venue just in time to catch the last few songs of the Calvin Harris concert.  The crowd was totally wild bouncing up and down like a giant mosh pit.

Camping on Ajax

I caught the last gondola up on ajax last night so i could get some night photos of highlands bowl and aspen mountain.

12.12.12 Top of Aspen Sunset

12.12.12 Late Run Down Ajax

Ski Day On Ajax

Early December SuperStorm

Drove to the top of Aspen Mountain

With the complete lack of snow this year i have decided to see what local trails and roads i am still able to drive.  Last night I actually made it to the top of richmond ridge (hurricane point) just past Aspen Mountain.  I hope this is the first and last time i can drive to […]

The Bonfire