Photo Maps!

Have you ever wondered where i took a photo?  In the next few weeks I am producing some maps on Google that will show you a map covered in pins like this.  Some maps will cover images, some will have routes for a trip and some will have links to local tips, camp spots, and videos.If you click on the pin it will bring up more info from that location. This is just a test map of Oahu but the final versions will have blue pins for photos, red pins for information and green pins for youtube videos.   I cant wait to start to use google maps more for my trips and blog posts.

*most but not all locations will be exact.  I do not have GPS tagged images from my camera so i make some guesses and its always a good idea to take a look at google earth before heading out. It will give you a good idea of what the area looks like.

here are a few that i have finished so far:
Fall Colors of Kebler Pass

First Snow on Kebler Pass


This is the Oahu Hawaii Map.

View oahu photo locations in a larger map

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Thomas O'Brien is a visual artist living in Aspen Colorado.

He is primarily a photographer. but has been shooting video and time-lapse since about 2008. Thomas is also available for consulting and personal instruction in photography, digital processing, retouching and photo tours/workshops. All of the images are available for sale (both fine art prints and licensing).