Sunrise from Buttermilk

Missed the last chair on Buttermilk so i had to skin up to the top.  This was the first time i did any kind of skin up with this elevation change and an absolute full load on my back. To put it lightly i got crushed.  a 45 min hike took me about two hours. […]

Capitol Peak Moonset

Last night I went back out to the Capitol peak trailhead for a night of winter camping and moonset photos.  I thought i might be able to drive up there but by the time i got half way back there i realized there was no chance of that. The snow was at least waist deep […]

Camping on Ajax

I caught the last gondola up on ajax last night so i could get some night photos of highlands bowl and aspen mountain.

Canyonlands National Park, Island In The Sky

Fantasy Canyon Utah

Fall Colors of Kebler Pass

  View aspen to crested butte in a larger map

Camp Food

Taylor Pass Colorado